Recession Prep/Q&A Event


A 90 minute class to prepare your finances and set up a financial strategy to thrive during a recession.


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Hey girl hey! I’m T-Money$. I teach ambitious women how to go from rich to wealthy. I am a financial goal slaying machine. Before I perfected my system, I over-complicated and overanalyzed everything in regards to reaching my financial goals. I avoided all of the mindset stuff in personal development books so I could get to the techniques ASAP. As a high achiever I knew I could master any formula for success. I struggled with not knowing where thousands of dollars would magically come from and stopped myself from pursuing goals "until xyz situation happened" and one day I decided enough was enough. 

I dove into the mindset work and I created a simple process that has now worked year after year no matter what my goal is. Some of the goals I've reached so far include raising my credit score 250 points, saving $2,000 in 2 months, generating $10,000 in 90 days, manifesting $45,000 for my business, paying off over $25,000 of consumer debt and student loans, and having the wedding of my dreams debt-free. 

What really lights me up is seeing my clients have their big wins. Collectively they’ve paid off over $26,000 in debt, saved $30,000, learned to value themselves, and have an unstoppable confidence with their finances. I’m excited for you to slay the financial game next!


I've been featured in VoyageLA Magazine, When Hustle Meets Flow Podcast, Candid Conversations Podcast, & Breaking Through Expectations Podcast 




My Clients have…

✦ Saved $16,000 in 3 months

✦ Increased their Self-Worth

✦ Manifested 6 figure dream jobs

✦ Healed generational money trauma 

✦ Gone from fear around money to boldly making aligned purchases

✦ Broken free from debt and shame 

I'm ready to join!